Manufacturer of Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Oil, Isolate, and Premixed Bulk Formulations.

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The Story

About us

Puritix was founded by health conscious individuals from the Midwest whose mission was, and still remains, to bring bulk CBD oils and related products to the market.

At Puritix, we start with high quality hemp grown via sustainable and toxic-free farming practices. We store post-harvest hemp in temperature-controlled warehouses. From here, our extraction and post-processing techniques are customizable based on our customers’ needs. For example, we have the capabilities to extract via solvent-free techniques. We offer Full Spectrum Oil, Broad Spectrum Oil (Distillates), CBD Isolate and premixed and pre dosed bulk formulations such as 55 gallon drums of even dosed tinctures.

Our Products

Puritix NDD

(Broad Spectrum Distillate)

80% total cannabinoid content or greater (Mostly CBD and ~ 5% of concentration is minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC) and 0% THC. As the industry evolves and expands at lightening speed, it is clear the masses want CBD products. Not everyone wants to get high. And mass retailers will not want to have any risk on their shelves. The solution is to remove the THC while maximizing the full range of cannabinoids.

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Puritix Isolate

99.5% or better CBD purity. This is a product that has been purified through the isolation process of the many cannabinoids based on molecular weight. After this process we are left with 99% pure CBD.

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Puritix TR

(Tincture Ready)

Available in Full Spectrum and THC Free Broad Spectrum Forms with a % of additional carrier oil added so the oil is free flowing and ready to be bottled as a tincture. Our Full Spectrum is our most minimally processed oil and contains a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and chlorophyll. We take our crude oil, then de-wax and decarboxylate it. That’s it.

Carrier Oil Options: MCT Oil, Olive Oil and Hemp Oil.
Flavor Options: Lemon, Orange, Mint
Dosages: 250MG/30ML, 1000MG/30ML 1500MG/30ML
*1 KG Active Cannabinoid Content Minimum Order Quantity.

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Why Puritix?

In an industry where doing what you say is a challenge; we pride ourselves at Purtix by providing a CSRT process:

Our CSRT process is reliant on the ability to provide consumers, retailers, and manufacturers with high quality andconsistent product at very competitive prices.

This is our FOCUS This is our DIFFERENTIATOR.
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Who we serve

We offer Bulk Hemp Derived CBD Oil and Isolates for:
Food and Beverage
Supplement and Vitamin Formulators
Topical and Skincare
Vape Product
Pet Product Manufacturers
and other use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all CBD products are created equal.  In this crowded marketplace, how can tell the good from the bad?  Below are our answers to questions that you should be asking:


If a CBD company does not produce 3rd party lab reports, it could mean a number of different things.  Maybe the product was never tested.  Perhaps the product was tested but the company did not like the results. At Puritix, we remove this guesswork. We believe transparency is necessary to help build relationships in this industry. We test every batch of our products at third party labs and make the results available to all of our customers.  Knowledge is power.


The term “hemp-derived CBD” is simply a way of describing CBD that is extracted from a hemp plant. Hemp and Marijuana are both members of the plant species known as Cannabis Sativa L. While similar, hemp and marijuana differ at the biological level with respect to the amount and ratios of certain compounds and cannabinoids – particularly tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).  Generally, THC is considered psychoactive, whereas CBD is considered non-psychoactive.  While a marijuana plant may contain a wide range THC levels, a hemp plant must contain less than 0.3% THC.


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