Custom formulation lab for THC-free hemp oil, extracts and products.


About Puritix

Puritix was founded in 2018 in Covington, KY to serve the hemp-derived CBD supply chain by bringing transparency and traceability to an industry that has historically been opaque about practices and standards. We work with local farmers and extractors to manufacture small batch broad spectrum distillate, full spectrum distillate and isolate (as well as product-ready mixtures) for bulk sale to co-packers and fine CBD-infused brands.

Reach out to us to learn more about our standards and processes or to arrange a tour of our 10,000 sq ft. facility.

Our Offerings

Toll Processing

Turn your biomass or hot oil into product-ready distillate, isolate or mixtures.

We specialize in distillation and remediation techniques to create THC-free (undetectable) broad spec to desirable target potencies as well as various mixture formulations.

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Bulk Material

Bulk full spec distillate, broad spec distillate, 99.5%+ pure isolate and various product-ready mixtures for use in food and beverage, supplement/vitamins, skincare, vape and pet products. We work with copackers and manufacturers of fine CBD-infused products on batches large and small.

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Why Puritix?

In an industry where doing what you say is a challenge; we pride ourselves at Puritix by providing a CSRT process:

Our CSRT process is reliant on the ability to provide consumers, retailers and manufacturers with high quality and consistent product at very competitive prices.

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